20 Avril 2017

Legisway and Universign sign a promising contract

Marc Jacob

Legisway, the player in the Contract Management market and publisher of the Contrat’tech software package, is integrating the Electronic Signature technology developed by French pure player Universign into its solution.

The integration of the electronic signature functionality developed by Universign marks the completion of the end-to-end document digitisation process. It makes Contrat’tech - already a major force in contract management and legal ecosystem management - a seamless and global solution for clients wishing to automate their data flows and sign any document in any location at any time using any device. This adaptation to market demand now takes Legisway into the paperless, 100% digital and smart document digitisation world.

The benefits of the new functionality

Data flow automation, time and cost savings, practicality... the applications for electronic signature under Contrat’tech are many, and span the full range of the solution:
in the Contracts module to sign agreements, approvals and regulated agreements
in the Pouvoirs module to sign Letters of authorisation
in the Corporate module to sign Shareholder agreements

Electronic signature also offers greater security and traceability than handwritten signatures for the benefit of all parties. The optional levels of signature offered by Universign mean that the package can be adapted to suit the security needs of the broadest spectrum of clients.

Electronic signature is governed and regulated in France, as in the rest of Europe, and its status and validity are continually being strengthened with new legislation. Universign is an active contributor to building this regulatory framework essential to provide the reassurance needed by the entities and individuals that use electronic signature. The company is equally active in promoting the legal validity of electronic signatures on an ongoing basis.