Contrat’tech, purpose-built for contract management

Powerful modular software for managing your company's contracts.

Useful and efficient for the whole company, neat and clever for every user

Optimize your legal system's performance whatever the size of your structure or your industry. Since Contract Management arrived in 2000, every department closely or distantly concerned with operational contract management has been affected. Two favorite adjectives to describe Contrat’tech? Efficient, clever…
Efficiently accelerates the digitization of your legal activity and makes your contracts one of your company's major assets.
Cleverly organizes better internal access to contracts and occupies a pivotal position among support services.

To each his own challenges, for each his own Contrat’tech system

Our modular solution adapts to your challenges with interlinking modules that cover the full range of legal activities. From an electronic safe for storing contracts to advanced Contract Management, we help companies to safely get through the key stages of their legal system. From the basic Contracts module on, we set up your legal ecosystem together, so that an operational solution is rapidly available.

The Contrat’tech client experience

“Our clients build on their Contracts Module and expand the system according to the needs of the moment and exactly when required. Today some 50% of our clients enrich their solution with a new module each year.”

Delphine Lanchy
Deputy General Manager
Sales & Services Division



Pilot your litigation dossiers and update your provisions in real time.



Pilot and automate monitoring of your company's legal activities : capital, mandates, shareholders, securities, liquidation etc.



Control and automate your delegation chains and interruptions : editing, confirming and storing proxies.



Centralize consultancy requests and capitalize noteworthy opinions.


Intellectual P.

Manage your portfolio of inventions, brands, patents, domain names and their associated costs.



Follow your claims dossiers with links to your insurance contracts and your underwritten guarantees.



Manage your property assets with links to leases and insurance contracts.



Capitalize and share your legal knowledge base : model contracts, standard and exceptional clauses, jurisprudence.


Enterprise Contract Management

Track the performance of your activity by managing the profitability of your contracts, protecting your margins and minimizing your contractual and financial risks.



Change and update your settings autonomously without any IT training.

Contracts Capitalization Contractualization Execution Extension Closure


Centralize, secure and manage your contract cycles : amendments, validation, key dates.

DIALOG BOX Requesting contracts Registering contracts Writing contracts Claims Requesting advice Requesting authorizations

Dialog box

Offer your operational staff a collaborative platform : requests for contracts, consultancy, proxies, claims declarations, production of standard contracts.


3 good reasons for choosing Contrat’tech

1. Protect the company's profitability

Contract Management facilitates protection of the company's business interests and allows identification and exploitation of commercial opportunities throughout the period of execution of the contract. Today there is no question of legal activities on one side and management activities on the other. The two are brought together in the service of business management and the profitability of contracts. We promote the emerging professional activity of Contract Manager to identify, evaluate, negotiate and arbitrate wisely.

2. Benefit from an integrated overall solution

Starting with the standard model, we personalize your Contrat’tech to meet your objectives, in only a few months. Project manager, engineer, consultant, trainer, parameter setter… Our experts support and accompany you in the co-construction of a transverse and truly collaborative legal solution with a high level of security.

3. Capitalize on an innovative and sustainable product

Our ambition is to be a dynamic, long-term partner. For 15 years, we have been developing a scalable solution with our customers through regular feedback and integration of best practices. Each Contrat'tech user has real-time access to the most up-to-date version of Contrat'tech. This is the guarantee that we can support you in the exercise of the changing and developing legal profession.

Contrat’tech's key benefits

“Contrat’tech's key benefits for your company are the locking in profit margins, contract profitability, digitization of contract archives, business activity, productivity and contract security.”

Christophe Lécluse
Deputy General Manager
Products and Platforms Division

… and then came Contrat’tech

Forerunner in the Contract Management market, Contra'tech is published and developed by Legisway.
A start-up that has become an SME, now today's leading expert in Contract Management. For 15 years Legisway has been offering on-going developments and tailored solutions thanks to its clients.