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Our company consists of a team of 45 people who have kept the start-up spirit that marked its early days.
Committed to removing the barriers isolating legal affairs from company business, by putting Contract Management at the heart of your organisation's transformation.

Convince company managers

Proof by demonstration showing operational and strategic managers that Contract Management expresses a change of paradigm. Before, managing contracts was considered a simple means of achieving administrative comfort; today it has become a tool for performance and profitability and a channel for change within organisations. Legal departments must not miss the bus, Contract Management is their opportunity to create value and wealth for their company. Instead of the complex problems often associated with handling contracts, Legisway offers easy handling and a solution for getting things in perspective and protecting your margins.

Proof by demonstration :
"Try it, you'll Buy it!"!"

After a face to face demonstration meeting, Legisway lets you test its Contrat’tech solution on line for 15 days (the Try and Buy principal). This is how you discover the range of Contrat’tech Modules, and test their use for operational piloting on your own premises - working out the key stages of a contract, risk management, managing multiple actors and locking in the company's profit margin. Key word: proactive, from creation of a contract to its termination.

Convert Try into Buy…

Our aim is to work with you towards a Contract Management solution that fits perfectly into your company's unique ecosystem. We provide a powerful and innovative product that will enable your Legal Department to position itself as the focal point of your company's operational services. Contrat’tech has been evolving steadily and successfully for the past fifteen years, thanks to feedback from clients and sharing best practices. This successful pragmatism backed by our position as a financially solid software publisher make Legisway and the Contrat’tech modular solution a partner ready to take up your challenges.

About managing contracts in a company

Lawyers have no impact on company profitability

FalseLegal departments are an element of added value among other key actors in the execution of a contract, such as the project manager, the buyer or the salesman. Thanks to Contract Management tools, they can all contribute directly to the "financial value", the protection and optimization of the company's margin.

Contract management concerns companies of all sizes

TrueContrat’tech is not just for major accounts! How can you be sure you remember the termination of a lease? Renegotiate insurance policies at the right moment? Identify unjustified IT maintenance costs? Such questions invariably arise in any company or organisation when there are contractual relationships.

The Contract Manager has a multidisciplinary role

TrueIn the execution of any contract the Contract Manager has to identify, cost, negotiate and mediate. It is his job not only to anticipate potential risks, penalties and claims, but also to find business opportunities. The Contract Manager's domain mingles law, finance, project management, negotiation and mediation within a horizon of long term cooperation.

Lack of Contract Management costs the company dear

TrueContract Management must be seen as a company project, and as a project with a real market value. Calculate what you have lost in recent years for the wrong reasons and it becomes easy to demonstrate the return on investment in a tool such as Contrat’tech. In this context, the cost of the project and in particular the tool itself is a real cost, but it will be negligible compared to a company's financial affairs.

A contract ends at the signature

FalseToday the management of a contract stretches from its creation to its termination. In many companies the legal department is often heavily involved upstream (compiling and negotiating the contract) and possibly downstream (litigation): but between the two everything is left hanging! The function of Contract Management is to ensure that nothing is left vaguely to chance like that, thanks to the proactive role of the legal department in the execution of the contract.